United States President considers purchase of Greenland

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Feature bringing together reports and analyses published in August 2019 on a suggested purchase of Greenland from Denmark by the United States of America.

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The President of the United States Donald Trump reportedly discussed in private circles on 16 August the idea of purchasing Greenland in a bid to expand the country's territory. The Danish government promptly declared that the island was not open for sale, while politicians in Denmark further ridiculed the idea of a possible acquisition by the US. It was also highlighted that the territory did not belong to Denmark, but rather to the Greenladers.

Mr Trump expressed interest in the autonomous territory due to its resources and geopolitical importance. It was not the first time an American President hinted at the possibility of buying the island, including a proposal in 1946 to pay Denmark around $100 million to buy Greenland.

The US President announced on 21 August the cancellation of a state visit to Denmark following the refusal by the Danish Prime Minister to discuss the idea. Mr Trump later labelled as 'nasty' the response given by the head of government to the potential purchase.

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