Uniting Europe. European integration and the post-cold war world

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Publication Date 2000
ISBN 0-8476-9032-6 (Hbk)
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This book, part of the 'Europe Today' series, provides an introduction to the European Union and a framework for analysing how it will address the challenges of integration. Following a brief historical overview, six major topics are examined: institutions, market integration, policy integration, external identity, enlargement and by way of conclusion, the future of Europe as it relates to the citizen.

The chapters are: Introduction: peace, prosperity and the challenges of European integration; Stages of development: from common market to political union; The institutions and laws of the European Union; The Single Market: from customs union to 1992 and beyond; Common policies: a mixed picture; Economic and Monetary Union: the Euro and the Eurosystem; The Citizen's Europe: a new area of freedom, justice and security; Europe as a global actor: trade and finance; Europe as a global actor: foreign policy and defense; The next enlargement; Conclusion: Europe and the citizen - a united Europe?

The book contains a chronology of world events and European integration, a map showing the current and potential membership of the European Union, along with notes and suggestions for further readings.

John Van Oudenaren is chief of the European Division at the Library of Congress and professorial lecturer at the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, John Hopkins University. His publications include 'D├ętente in Europe' and numerous reports, articles and chapters on international relations and European and Russian politics.

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