Video conference of agriculture and fisheries ministers, 13 May 2020

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Publication Date 13/05/2020
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EU Ministers responsible for matters relating to agriculture and fisheries held a videoconference on 13 May 2020.

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Ministers held an exchange of views on the effectiveness of measures undertaken by the European Union (EU) to address the impact of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak on agriculture, identified additional areas in need of support and called for the extension of the scope of private storage aid scheme. Many ministers also defended a more robust Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) budget for the period post-2020.

The discussion also touched on existing legislative proposals, in particular the proposed amendments to Regulation 1305/2013.

Ministers were also updated on the impact of the pandemic in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. They provided information on the implementation of the EMFF programmes and touched upon the recently-adopted Regulation (EU) 2020/560.

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