Violence erupts as protesters storm Macedonian parliament’s constitutive session

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Demonstrators stormed the parliament in FYR Macedonia on 27 April and attacked its members, including the opposition leader, in protest against a vote for a new parliamentary speaker during the constitutive session.

The violence erupted after around 100 nationalist protesters supporting the VMRO-DPMNE party entered the parliament waving flags and singing the national anthem.

The incident follows months of political deadlock in the country and protests on the streets, since an inconclusive parliamentary election held in December 2016. Protesters opposed a coalition between the social democrats - which came a close second in the election - and ethnic Albanian parties, forming a majority which demonstrators perceived as a threat to national unity.

This coalition, while refused to form a government by Macedonia's President, still held a parliamentary majority. Their vote elected a new parliamentary speaker - Talat Xhaferi, an ethnic Albanian. Mr Xhaferi later met with the EU's High Representative for Foreign Policy.

The international community expressed their concern over the social unrest and political instability in the country.

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