Wales and the UK Referendum on EU Membership

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Publication Date June 2016
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The once in a generation decision facing voters on 23 June 2016 will see the UK electorate vote on whether the UK should remain or leave the European Union. The EU is an economic and political organisation formed in 1957 as the EEC – the European Economic Community. This report outlines the key issues that are raised from a Welsh perspective, whether the decision is to remain or to leave.

It opens with a brief account of the EU and EU law making, and the UK and Welsh role in it, before turning to the reform agreement reached in February 2016, which would underpin any continued membership of the EU. There then follows an outline of the process for withdrawal, highlighting the possible role for Wales in this process. Finally, the Report presents an overview of seven key
policy areas, explaining what a vote to leave or to remain may mean for Wales legally, politically and economically.

In addition to this report there are also four additional report covering:

+ Budget
+ Cohesion Policy
+ Agriculture and Food
+ Environment

The reports were published in conjunction with the UK in a Changing Europe initiative

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