Wales in a Post-Brexit World

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The author, who was Professor of Governance and Development in the School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University, where he was also the Dean of Engagement, argued that Brexit should mean deeper, not looser, ties between Wales and its European neighbours.

Whatever the form of the future involvement in Europe, Wales would need to forge deeper and stronger links with like-minded regions and nations in and beyond the EU. Forging robust alliances required a step change in performance because Wales had not been one of the leaders in regional networking in the EU. One of the most influential regional networks was the Vanguard Initiative (VI), a network of 30-odd European regions formed in 2013 that aimed to build inter-regional alliances to support cross-border value chains in business and industrial clusters in emerging technologies. Wales was a late joiner of VI.

Can Wales become a leader rather than a laggard in the international networking stakes? The answer depended on many things, not least political commitment and civic engagement.

In addition, Wales should retain a presence in Brussels whatever the shape of Brexit to enable it to be a well-informed player in EU programmes like FP9, Erasmus+ and Creative Europe.

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