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Publication Date 2008
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EEB's specific mission is to promote environmental policies and sustainable policies on the European Union level. Its members have joined because they:

- are convinced of the importance of the policies of the European Union with regard to environment and nature conservation;

- are concerned that the directions these policies take are not leading to sustainable societies, in the environmental and social sense;

- believe that co-ordinated actions by EEB members and existing and potential allies can bring positive change, a change of direction in EU policies towards sustainability.

For its activities the following notions are important:

- sustainability is not purely a matter of environmental policies. Social, economic and cultural dimensions are relevant;

- the EU has a major influence beyond its own territory. The environmental dimensions of enlargement, the direct relationships with regions in the world and the general role of the EU in the global marketplace are areas of concern for the EEB;

- the membership of the EEB is diverse in its strength, approach and priorities.

As a result, the mission of the EEB is to become an effective instrument in visibly improving EU's environmental policies and realising sustainable development by effectively integrating environmental objectives in horizontal and sectoral policies of the EU as well as ensuring compliance with effective strategies to realise these objectives.

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