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The NATO-Russia Council (NRC), was established at the NATO-Russia Summit in Rome on 28 May 2002. It replaced the Permanent Joint Council (PJC), a forum for consultation and cooperation created by the 1997 NATO-Russia Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security, which remains the formal basis for NATO-Russia relations. The (NRC) is a mechanism for consultation, consensus-building, cooperation, joint decision and joint action, in which the individual NATO member states and Russia work as equal partners on a wide spectrum of security issues of common interest...

Both NATO and Russia have made strong claims that they want to collaborate more with each other. Russia wants more collaboration in areas like missile defence. NATO wants more linking up in activities covered by the NATO-Russia Council. Yet despite both sides' enthusiasm, collaboration is at one of its lowest levels for ages. There is effectively a 'pause' in many areas. How did this happen? And what can be done to solve it?

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