Website: White Paper: Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system, March 2011

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The European Commission adopted a roadmap of 40 concrete initiatives in 2011 for the next decade to build a competitive transport system that will increase mobility, remove major barriers in key areas and fuel growth and employment. At the same time, the proposals would dramatically reduce Europe's dependence on imported oil and cut carbon emissions in transport by 60% by 2050.

By 2050, key goals wouldinclude:

+ No more conventionally-fuelled cars in cities.
+ 40% use of sustainable low carbon fuels in aviation; at least 40% cut in shipping emissions.
+ A 50% shift of medium distance intercity passenger and freight journeys from road to rail and waterborne transport.
+ All of which would contribute to a 60% cut in transport emissions by the middle of the century.

In 2016, the Commission Services published an Implementation report on the 2011 White Paper.

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