Welcome to the ‘Jungle’

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For a decade, there has been an ongoing dispute between the British and French governments, who blame each other for the problems involving migrants around the Channel tunnel. French authorities are monitoring the camp, but are hesitant to provide the kind of assistance that would turn the camp into a more permanent settlement.

In November 2015 after being sued by several NGOs, the French authorities were ordered by a court in Lille to improve sanitary conditions and provide social care for unaccompanied minors. In January 2016, the government will provide better shelters for some of the inhabitants. Women and children in the camp be prioritised for decent accommodation, but the young men who make up the overwhelming majority in the camp largely have to make do with tents and makeshift shelters.

Many have given up on their wish to go to the UK, and have resolved to stay in the camp while their asylum requests are being processed in France. During the day the camp is relatively calm, but stability is fragile: violent unrest and fights with the police keep flaring up, especially as police is trying to move people to different parts of France. Fires break out regularly.

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