West Should Keep a Wary Eye on Russia’s Zapad War Games

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In Russia and neighbouring Belarus, preparations were underway in the summer of 2017 for Zapad - a major military exercise to be held for six days from 14 September 2017. The two countries' Western neighbours were worried. Zapad was Russian for 'West', and of all the different major exercises in the Russian military calendar, it caused the most excitement and concern because it was the one that most closely resembled practice for invading those neighbours.

Author wrote that Russia was mixing threatening language designed to intimidate the West with another, contradictory message: that those who fear a Russian military threat are 'hysterical' and hankering for the Cold War.

Source Link https://www.chathamhouse.org/expert/comment/west-should-keep-wary-eye-russias-zapad-war-games
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