What is social security co-ordination and why does it matter for Scotland?

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Social security co-ordination matters for Scotland because, even though the United Kingdom (UK) has left the European Union (EU), provisions in the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement mean that co-ordination will apply for at least several decades into the future. These provisions largely mirror those of the current EU Co-ordinating Regulations. They will apply to most UK-wide benefits and several of Scotland’s devolved social security benefits.

This briefing explains what EU social security co-ordination is, who and which benefits are covered, and the four basic principles which underpin the system. It is the first in a series of three briefings on Scottish social security and Brexit being produced under the Parliament's academic fellowship scheme.

Source Link https://digitalpublications.parliament.scot/ResearchBriefings/Report/2020/12/14/17abce2e-94f6-4df8-90f9-9039b0d061aa-1
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