Who’s who in the European Union? What difference will the Treaty of Nice make?

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Publication Date 2001
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The signing of the Treaty of Nice marks the completion of the Intergovernmental Conference opened on 14 February 2000. The aim of this conference was to adapt the way in which the European institutions operate in order to make it possible for the European Union to take in new Member States. This new Treaty paves the way for the biggest enlargement that the Union has ever contemplated, with its prospects of a lasting peace, stability and prosperity for all the democratic States of Europe.

In order to make sure that everyone is informed of the outcome of the negotiations and the content of the Treaty of Nice, this citizens’ guide briefly describes the institutions of the Union and their basic functions. For each of the institutions, it indicates the changes introduced by the new Treaty and sets out the progress that it makes in certain areas — for example, the improvement of the system of enhanced cooperation and a new provision designed to ensure that all the Member States of the Union respect the basic rights.

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