Why The Left Must Talk About Migration

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Publication Date 29/10/2018
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The common ground of many analysts is that the centre-left should focus on core traditional policies such as redistribution, combating poverty, social housing and public spending priorities. Immigration may be in most EU countries a topic of high salience but it is toxic and almost taboo for the left. The left has to find a policy on migration which is strong on anti-racism but does not ignore reality.

Discussing and proposing proper tools for managing migration is not the same as mimicking xenophobic or racist prejudices in the electorate. Rather the opposite. Open societies need clear rules and strong institutions. Solidarity is indeed the order of the day – as a practical and local exercise to help the new arrivals who are struggling and in the form of strong policies that do not let migration contribute to the undermining of social protection.

Source Link https://www.socialeurope.eu/why-the-left-must-talk-about-migration
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