Why Vote Leave

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Publication Date 2016
ISBN 978-1-7849771-08
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Member of the European Parliament and political writer Daniel Hannan argues for a British exit ahead of the June 2016 referendum in the United Kingdom.

Hannan argues that the EU is past its sell-by date, rendered obsolete by technological advances, has been shrinking economically, and is less relevant to our economic needs than ever. He shows that any renegotiation is doomed to fail: the EU can't reform, can't be democratic, and can't be divorced from its goal of ever-closer political union.

Staying in does not mean staying the same and a vote to leave, far from being the risky choice, is actually the safe one. Finally Hannan demonstrates that Britain doesn't have to stay in the EU to remain at the heart of Europe and considers the global role a confident nation freed from EU strictures could play.

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