Wider Neighbourhood as the EU’s ‘Zone of Responsibility’

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Series Details No.42, December 2012
Publication Date December 2012
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While academia and think tanks are busy discussing the aims and possible outlines of a 'global EU strategy', it is suggested here to focus on what is often called the EU’s 'own geography', where the EU is expected to – or determined to – take on 'responsibilities'.

While talk about areas or zones of responsibility might sound overly paternalistic and presumptuous, it is important to think about the role and tasks of the EU outside its borders, namely in its wider neighbourhood.

The EU, still an economic and trade giant and a regional player with global interests, should have a clearer picture of its foreign policy interests and priorities. Documents such as the European Security Strategy (ESS) and the report of the European Parliament on the CFSP, the so-called Brok report, draw a map of concentric circles of responsibility around the EU that starts with the Western Balkans and continues up to the Americas and Asia.

In the end, almost every country or region is covered, which does not help in setting priorities and explaining responsibility. Identifying a European zone of responsibility thus touches upon the capability of the EU to actually respond to and shape the international environment.

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