Work In The Digital Society. The Digital Revolution And The Future Of Work

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Publication Date 2018
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A selection of the articles available include:

+ The Wealth of Humans: Work, Power, And Status In The Twenty-first Century, August 2017
+ Taxing The Robots?, March 2017
+ No Need For Basic Income: Five Policies To Deal With The Threat Of Technological Unemployment, March 2017
+ Fewer Routine Jobs But More Routine Work, September 2016
+ Robotics Or Fascination With Anthropomorphism?, September 2016
+ Five Filters Moderate The Technological Revolution, July 2016
+ Here Are The New Social Risks Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, February 2016
+ The Future Of Work In The Transatlantic Alliance, February 2016
+ Why The Sharing Economy Is Harming Workers – And What Can Be Done, November 2015
+ The Technological Revolution And Labour’s Share, November 2015
+ One Person, One Car? The Digital Revolution’s Platform Economy, November 2015
+ Digitization: New Work Concepts Are Revolutionizing The World Of Work, November 2015
+ Understanding The Rise Of The Robots, November 2015
+ Why The ‘One-percenters’ Will Benefit From The Gig Economy While The Rest May Not, November 2015
+ Why The ‘One-percenters’ Will Benefit From The Gig Economy While The Rest May Not, November 2015
+ How Technology Can Eradicate Unemployment And Jobs At The Same Time, October 2015
+ Industry 4.0: We Don’t Need A New Industrial Policy But A Better Regulatory Framework, October 2015
+ The Limits Of The Digital Revolution: Why Our Washing Machines Won’t Go To The Moon, October 2015
+ Why In The Digital Economy Workers Should Own More Company Shares, September 2015
+ The Digital Revolution And Work: The Other Half Of Keynes’ Conundrum, 30 August 2015-
+ The Upsurge In Uncertain Work, August 2015
+ The Work And Inequality Challenge Of The Digital Revolution: How Should Governments Respond?, August 2015
+ The End Of Work As We Know It, August 2015
+ The Need For A Gender Perspective On Digitalization, August 2015
+ Job Polarisation In Europe: Are Mid-Skilled Jobs Disappearing?, July 2015
+ What Impact Does The Digital Revolution Have On Work And Inequality?, July 2015
+ Technology And The Future Of Work In Advanced Economies, April 2015
+ Labor In The Age Of Robots, February 2015
+ Will Technology Destroy Jobs?, February 2015
The Digital Revolution was set to dramatically change lives in the coming years and policy- and decision-makers needed to come to terms with what these epochal transformations meant and how they could be shaped so the majority of people benefitted and the dangers were moderated.

In this Focus feature are a series of articles on the wider subject in general and on the future of work in particular – in the framework of a project Social Europe run together with the Hans Böckler Stiftung.

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