Work underway to shape Wales’ future relationship with Europe

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It was announced in August 2016 that First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones would establish an expert advisory group to ensure Wales secure the best possible outcome in the forthcoming negotiations for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

The European Advisory Group would be made up of business people, politicians and experts with a detailed understanding of the European Union.

The group would advise the Welsh Government on the wide-ranging impact on Wales of the UK’s exit from the EU and how Wales could overcome challenges to secure a prosperous future and a continued positive relationship with Europe.

The First Minister also announced on the 9 August 2016 he would chair a Cabinet Sub-Committee on European Transition from September 2016, while detailed work continued between the Welsh Government, UK Government and the other Devolved Administrations to prepare for the EU negotiations.

In a speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs on the 9 September 2016 on his vision for Wales post-Brexit, Mr Jones said that his government would not approve any Brexit deal that did not include guaranteed access to the single market. He also suggested that the way power was shared in the UK between the constituent nations and the centre needed to change radically to ensure the union survived 'new tensions' created by Brexit

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