Country Information 



Information sources in the ESO database

General information

Agricultural information

Competition policy information

Consumer information

Culture and language information

Defence and security information

Economic information

Education information

Employment information

Energy information

Environmental information

European policies and relations with the European Union

Geographic information and maps

  • The Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority (Lantmäteriet):
  • Sweden: Sweden’s National Atlas (Sverige’s Nationalatlas): Web Atlas [contains thematic maps and county descriptions]
  • Visit Sweden: Explore Map
  • FAO: Country profiles and mapping information system: Country maps
  • Maps of Sweden maps
  • University of Texas: Perry Castañeda Library Map Collection: Sweden Maps
  • Nordregio: Maps

Health information

Human rights information

Intellectual property information

Investment information

Justice and home affairs information

Living and working information

Media information

Political information (including Elections)

Public management information

R&D information

Regional information

Social information

Statistical information

Taxation information

  • European Commission: DG Taxation and Customs Union: Taxation in Europe Database: Sweden [search country]
  • PCW Tax summaries: Sweden
  • Wikipedia: Taxation in Sweden

Tourism information

Transport information

Weather information


Original compilation: 2001 (Thomas Pritzkow)

Updated: 2010 (Christopher Langen), 2011 (Siret Salm), 2012 (Ewelina Bruździak), 2013 (Giina Kaskla), 2015 (Julius Kleindienst), 2024 (Erika Smits)