Access to European Union: law, economics, policies. 9th ed.

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Publication Date 1999
ISBN 2-930119-24-1
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Access to European Union: law, economics, policies. 9th ed.:

The ninth edition of this annually updated book, it guides the reader through the maze of European Union policies, throwing light upon the European institutions, their raison d'être, their objectives and experience. The reference period for the updating of this book was dominated by three major events: the signature of the Amsterdam Treaty, the arrangements for the final stage of economic and monetary union (EMU) and the preparations for the enlargement of the Union. These developments are reflected mainly in the introduction of the book and in chapters on economic and monetary union, on social policy, on the European Union and its citizens and on the EU in the world. The book explains EU measures, legal provisions and economic programmes and describes the current situation also putting forward thought-provoking ideas concerning the future of the European Union. Each chapter has a selected bibliography and the footnotes contain over 1000 references to the Official Journal of the European Communities in order to enable the reader to go deeper into the subject. It aspires to be a practical manual for any student of European integration, whether an academic student, jurist interested in Community law, economist wishing to acquire the latest information on European economic policies, historian wanting to understand the recent history of the continent or businessman seeking to understand the mechanisms of the large market in which he operates. The book has a foreword by the President of the European Parliament, José María Gil-Robes.

The author, Nicholas Moussis has worked in the European Commission since 1967 and is presently adviser in the Directorate General for Enterprise Policy in the European Commission.

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