Adjusted Commission Work Programme 2020

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Communication published by the European Commission on 27 May 2020, setting out its adjusted work programme for 2020 (CWP 2020).

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The European Commission published its annual Work Programme in January 2020. It set out the most important initiatives for the Commission's first year in office and aimed to turn the Political Guidelines made public by the President of the European Commission into tangible benefits for European citizens, businesses and society, and bring to life the main priorities for the European Parliament and those in the European Council's Strategic Agenda for 2019-2024.

The CWP 2020 was adopted before the crisis brought about by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The European Commission adopted hundreds of decisions to address the sanitary and socioeconomic emergencies, almost all of which neither planned, nor featured in the Work Programme. This reflected the dramatic nature of the situation, and the speed at which the Commission had to readjust from delivering on long-term objectives to immediate crisis management.

Any recovery is contingent on managing and living with the virus for the foreseeable future. The so-called Europe's Recovery Plan is a response to this understanding. As part of this package, the Commission published an adjusted Work Programme for 2020. This is based on the Commission's determination in delivering on the commitments made in its CWP, but also the need to review the timing of some of the proposed actions given the nature and scope of the crisis.

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