Arctic Rivalries: Friendly Competition or Dangerous Conflict?

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Publication Date 2017
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New journal article in Politique Étrangère (in French), released here also as a DIIS Working Paper (in English), brings the reader up to date on current security trends and economic trends in the Arctic as well as on the status of the still on-going sovereignty disputes in the region today.

The article argues that although cooperation in the Arctic remains somewhat hampered by Ukraine-related Western sanctions on Russian oil and gas, the region has thus far proved remarkably resilient to such spill-over. This is mostly due to the fact that all Arctic nations, but above all Russia, has much to gain by cooperation in the Arctic. Even complex issues such as the sovereignty disputes are therefore likely to find solutions in due time.

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IFRI: Politique Étrangère Volume 82, No. 3: Arctique : une exploration stratégique [Autumn 2017]

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