Arkady Babchenko stages death in Ukrainian investigation over life threats

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Reports and information relating to Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko's staged death, in the context of an investigation conducted by authorities in Ukraine over threats to his life.

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Media sources reported on 29 May 2018 that Arkady Babchenko - known for his opposition Russia's government - had been shot dead in Ukraine. His presence in the country was due to threats addressed to him for previous comments relating to Russian intervention in Syria's war and in Ukraine's civil war.

Russian and Ukrainian authorities exchanged accusations over who to blame for the death of Mr Babchenko. While Russia argues that Ukraine is not a safe place for journalists, Ukraine blamed the Russian government for the death of a dissident journalist. However, Mr Babchenko appeared in public less than two days later, at a news conference on 30 May. Ukrainian authorities then revealed the killing had been staged as a sting operation. Several international stakeholders later questioned the validity of the methods used by Ukraine.

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