Corruption allegations against European Parliament officials (Qatargate)

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Information Guide providing an overview on the corruption and bribery allegations against officials of the European Parliament (EP) over their positions on Qatar - in what became known as Qatargate - as well as the institutional reactions to this case.

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In early December 2022 Belgian police announced they had arrested and charged four people on suspicion of corruption and bribery, including EP Vice-President and S&D member, Eva Kaili as well as former Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Pier Antonio Panzeri. An investigation was launched over the alleged reception of cash and gifts from Qatar in exchange for influence in the EP.

In response to the arrests, S&D requested a suspension of all plenary votes related to the Gulf states, including a vote on visa liberalisation with Qatar. EP President Roberta Metsola convened a meeting of the Conference of Presidents to launch procedures according to Article 21 of the Rules of Procedure of the EP, during which time members voted to immediately terminate Eva Kaili's term as Vice-President.

Moreover, Ms Metsola announced on 12 January 2023 a package of fourteen proposals aimed at preventing such practices to ever occur again within the European Parliament.

Belgium's Federal Prosecutor's Office announced on 17 January that Mr Panzeri had signed a so-called repentance agreement and pledged to share information about the cash-for-favour scheme in exchange for a lower sentence. It became known that both Qatar and Morocco were involved in this scheme. On 31 January, the European Parliament voted to lift immunity from a further two members of the European Parliament, Marc Tarabella and Andrea Cozzolino. Both were eventually detained a few days later.

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