Athens Mulls Plans for New Currency. Greece Considers Exit from Euro Zone

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Article suggests that the debt crisis in Greece took on a dramatic new twist on the 6 May 2011. Sources with information about the government's actions informed SPIEGEL ONLINE that Athens was considering withdrawing from the euro zone. The common currency area's finance ministers and representatives of the European Commission were said to be holding a secret crisis meeting in Luxembourg on the evening of the 6 May 2011.

However, the spokesman for eurogroup chief and Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker told Reuters: 'I totally deny that there is a meeting, these reports are totally wrong'.

Subsequently, it was admitted a meeting of some EU Finance Ministers did take place but that the subject of Greece withdrawing from the eurozone was not discussed.

[see also: The political causes of a not-so-secret meeting, a commentary feature on the above news by FT columnist Wolfgang Munchau via the related hyperlink below]

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