Business Taxation for the 21st Century

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Communication published by the European Commission on 18 May 2021, setting out a long-term and short-vision for a tax system that is able to support recovery in the aftermath of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic by ensuring adequate public revenues. The document is also colloquially known as Communication on Business Taxation 21.

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This Communication comprises a short-term tax agenda for the next two years - one that includes targeted measures for the promotion of production investment, entrepreneurship and effective taxation. It also complements ongoing work on an international corporate tax reform. It provides solutions to some of problems facing the European Union (EU) in terms of business taxation, while aiming to support the green and digital transitions. This short-term agenda builds on the 2020 Tax Action Plan

The document also sets out a long-term vision aimed at providing a fair and sustainable business environment and EU tax system. It takes into account the progress achieved in the G20/OECD discussions on global tax reform. The Communication was published alongside the adoption of a Recommendation on tax treatment of losses during the COVID-19 crisis.

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