Can France liberalise pensions and labour under Macron? / Third-way à la française: What do Macron’s reforms involve and how likely are they to succeed?

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France's new Labour Minister Muriel Penicaud unveiled a bill on the 28 June 2017 which would permit the government to change the labour code using executive orders, to avoid the reforms becoming bogged down in parliament. This was seen as the first stage in a raft of labour reform proposals.

Article 38 of the Constitution of France allowed the Government to ask Parliament for authorisation, for a limited period, to take measures by Ordinance that were normally within the scope of the law. In application of this article, the Government presented an Enabling Bill during the Council of Ministers on 28 June 2017.The French people have consistently opposed any liberalisation of the labour market. Now, President Emmanuel Macron wants to do exactly that to combat unemployment as he started his term of office in June 2017. Trade unions had already called for protests.

See also the article in LSE EuroppBlog (accessible via the related url hyperlinks below): Third-way à la française: What do Macron’s reforms involve and how likely are they to succeed?

Now that Emmanuel Macron has won a large majority in the French parliament, there are few obstacles preventing him from implementing his ambitious reform agenda. But what exactly will Macron’s reforms involve and are they likely to be successful? Philip Rathgeb and Fabio Wolkenstein draw a parallel between Macron’s agenda and the ‘Third Way’ politics of Gerhard Schröder. But they suggest that the dynamics of the French economy and the large potential for social unrest over his planned labour market reforms may make Macron’s task far more challenging than that faced by his German counterpart.

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