Can Merkel and Macron Deliver a Franco-German Plan for Europe?

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In the autumn of 2017, with Emmanuel Macron having launched his reform programme in France and the imminent German election, the author argues that Berlin and Paris need to quickly assess whether they share a common vision for Europe and its place in the new world order.


Commentators suggested that the relatively poor result for Angela Merkel in the German Federal Election of 24 September 2017 was not likely to help create an effective Franco-German EU reform programme.

French President Emmanuel Macron gave a keynote speech on his EU reform proposals in Paris on the 26 September 2017.

The German Chacellor responded positively but cautiously to the speech.

In Germany on the 10 October 2017 President Macron argued in a lecture to students in Frankfurt for his EU reform programme to be pursued and supported actively by Chancellor Merkel.

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