Central and East European politics: From communism to democracy, 4th edition

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Publication Date 2018
ISBN 978-1-5381-0087-5
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In a fully updated edition, this essential text explores the other half of Europe - the new and future members of the European Union along with the problems and potential they bring to the region and to the world stage. It offers an authoritative and up-to-date analysis of the transformations and realities in Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltics, and Ukraine. Divided into two parts, the book presents a set of comparative country case studies as well as thematic chapters on key issues, including EU and NATO expansion, the economic transition and its social ramifications, the role of women, persistent problems of ethnicity and nationalism, and political reform.

Leading scholars provide the historical context for the current situation of each country in the region. They explain how communism ended and how democratic politics has emerged or is struggling to emerge in its wake, how individual countries have transformed their economies, how their populations have been affected by rapid and wrenching change, and how foreign policy making has evolved. New to this edition are chapters on social issues and transitional justice. For students and specialists alike, this book will be an invaluable resource on the newly democratizing states of Europe.

Table of contents:

Part I: Introduction
1. Democracy, the market, and the return to Europe: From communism to the European Union and NATO / Sharon L. Wolchik and Jane Leftwich Curry

Part II: Policies and issues
2. The political transition / Valerie Bunce
3. Re-creating the market / Sharon Fisher
4. Civil society and political parties: Growth and change in the organizations linking people and power / Kevin Deegan-Krause
5. Ethnicity, nationalism, and the challenges of democratic consolidation / Zsuzsa Csergő
6. Transitional justice and memory / Vello Pettai and Eva-Clarita Pettai
7. The EU and its new members: Forging a new relationship / Ronald H. Linden
8. Security issues: NATO and beyond / Joshua Spero

Part III: Case studies
9. Poland: The politics of "God’s playground" / Jane Leftwich Curry
10. The Czech and Slovak Republics: Two paths to the same destination / Sharon L. Wolchik
11. Hungary: Pathbreaker of populist nationalism / Federigo Argentieri
12. The Baltic Countries: Facing new challenges in politics, society, and security / Daina S. Eglitis
13. Bulgaria: Progress and development / Janusz Bugajski
14. Romania since 1989: Old dilemmas, present challenges, future uncertainties / Monica Ciobanu
15. Albania: At a democratic crossroad / Elez Biberaj
16. Former Yugoslavia and its successors / Mark Baskin and Paula Pickering
17. Ukraine: The end of post-Sovietism and 'brotherly friendship' / Taras Kuzio

Part IV: Conclusion
18. Thirty years after 1989: A balance sheet / Sharon L. Wolchik and Jane Leftwich Curry

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