Citizens, immigration and the EU as a shield

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Series Details Volume 20, Number 3, Pages 492-510
Publication Date September 2019
ISSN 1465-1165 (print) | 1741-2757 (online)
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In recent years, the number of immigrants reaching the EU has grown dramatically. The migration crisis and its political repercussions have been felt with different intensity across Europe. In this critical situation, EU-level coordination has proved problematic due to the nested interests of the member states.

This article addresses the problem of public support for an integrated EU immigration policy. Using data from the EUENGAGE project, we explore citizens’ attitudes towards EU-level coordination of immigration, and we introduce a set of theoretical arguments that aim to explain their attitudes. We show that those subjects who are more frightened by immigrants and who demand stricter policy and greater protection from unwanted migration are keener to delegate policy competence to the EU in this field.

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