Civil Services in the EU of 27 – Reform Outcomes and the Future of the Civil Service

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This article is presenting the results of a study on 'Civil Service Systems in the EU of 27', based on empirical data from the EU Member States, and realised within the European Public Administration Network (EUPAN), on the evolution of the classical bureaucratic career system in Europe.

The following discussion presents an overview of the current status of national civil services, the main reform trends that are taking place and the main outcomes of selected national reform policies. The overall aim is to provide empirical evidence, facts and comparative statistical evidence in order to help experts and scholars to better understand the different national civil service systems, the nature of reforms and the changes that are taking place. This study thus represents basic research from which it may be worth continuing with more research into managerial issues, organisational reforms as well as different HR policies such as leadership issues, developments in the field of working time, diversity management, anti-discrimination and pension reforms.

This overview may also serve as an instrument for a more rational discourse about the similarities and differences amongst the different national civil services.

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