Commission refers the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland to the Court of Justice of the EU for non-compliance on relocation

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Despite the confirmation by the Court of Justice of the EU of the validity of the relocation scheme in its ruling from the 6 September 2017, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland remain in breach of their legal obligations. The replies received were again found not satisfactory and three countries have given no indication that they will contribute to the implementation of the relocation decision.

Background information:

The temporary emergency relocation scheme was established in two Council Decisions on 14 Semptember and 22 September 2015, in which Member States committed to relocate persons in need of international protection from Italy and Greece.

The Council Decisions require Member States to pledge available places for relocation every three months to ensure a swift and orderly relocation procedure. Whereas all other Member States relocated and pledged, Hungary did not take any action at all since the relocation scheme started, Poland did not relocate anyone and not pledged since December 2015. The Czech Republic did not relocate anyone since August 2016.

The infringement procedure was launched in June 2017. Following insufficient response from national authorities, a reasoned opinion was sent in July 2017. Again the replies were seen as unsatisfactory by the European Commission, which triggered the third stage of the infrinegement procedure.

The European Commission decided on 7 December 2017 yo refer the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland to the Court of Justice of the EU for non-compliance with their legal obligations on relocation.

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