Common charger for mobile radio equipment

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Non-legislative Resolution adopted by the European Parliament in January 2020, which urges the European Commission to put forward improved rules on common chargers within the following months.

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The Resolution - approved by 582 votes to 40 - calls for the mandatory introduction of common chargers for all mobile devices. The Parliament urges the European Commission to adopt a delegated act by July 2020 or, if necessary, table a legislative measure by the same date, at the latest. Lawmakers also wish to see measures to best ensure the interoperability of different wireless chargers with different mobile devices, to work towards an increase in the volume of cables and chargers collected and recycled in Member States, and to ensure that consumers are no longer obliged to buy new chargers with each new device.

In the 2014 Radio Equipment Directive, the European Commission had already encouraged the industry to develop common chargers but without compulsory

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