Communication on an ‘EU Action Plan 2017-2019 – Tackling the gender pay gap’

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This Action plan aims to further translate the commitment to close the gender pay gap into a list of key, concrete actions. The Action Plan includes a set of activities to tackle the gender pay gap from all possible angles, rather than singling out only one factor or cause. Eight main strands of action have been identified:

+ Improving the application of the equal pay principle
+ Combating segregation in occupations and sectors
+ Breaking the glass ceiling: initiatives to combat vertical segregation
+ Tackling the care penalty
+ Better valorising women's skills, efforts and responsibilities
+ Fighting the fog: uncovering inequalities and stereotypes
+ Alerting and informing about the gender pay gap
+ Enhancing partnerships to tackle the gender pay gap

Background information:

Closing the gender pay gap is a major objective within the overaching goal of achieving gender equality and delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. It also contributes to taking further the European Pillar of Social Rights. It thus became a political priority for the European Commission.

This Action Plan was presented as the Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights took place, focusing on women's rights.

The European Commission adopted on 20 November 2017 an Action Plan to tackle the gender pay gap comprehensively for the following two years.

On the same day the Commission published a report on strengthening the principle of equal pay between men and women through transparency.

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