Communication on targeted contingency measures in the absence of an agreement with the United Kingdom on a future partnership

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Publication Date 10/12/2020
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Communication published by the European Commission on 10 December, setting out the framework for a number of contingency measures to be implemented in the absence of an agreement between the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) framing their future bilateral relations.

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The withdrawal of the UK from the EU was made effective on 1 February 2020, framed by a Withdrawal Agreement which allowed for an orderly departure. This agreement also introduced a transition period lasting until 31 December 2020. Its provisions apply irrespective of the outcome on any negotiations concerning the bilateral future relationship.

As the transition period approached its end, talks aimed at a framework for the future relationship have been ongoing without a successful conclusion. In view of the possibility for a period in the bilateral relations without a framework agreement, a set of contingency measures became necessary. Without such agreement, EU-UK relations would mostly be governed by multilateral international frameworks that both sides are parties, as well by the EU's or Member States' domestic laws in relation to third countries.

However, in the aviation sector, there is no such international fall-back solution, while in road transportation, the fall-back solution of permits (ECMT regime) is deemed insufficient in relation to the UK. Furthermore, access by EU and UK fishing vessels to each other's waters would not be guaranteed. Therefore, the set of contingency measures include:

With the exception of the regulation on aviation safety, the proposed contingency measures are to automatically stop when an agreement enters into force or stop after a fixed period if no agreement enters into force. Should an agreement on a future partnership be in application by January 2021, these contingency measures would not enter into application.

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