Communication: The future of food and farming

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The European Commission adopted on 29 November 2017 a Communication outlining ideas on the future of food and farming, in the context of the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy.

The European Parliament's plenary session backed on 30 May 2018 an initiative responding to this Communication.

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This Communication proposes a number of changes to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), focusing primarily on making it simpler and ensuring the best value-for-money. As well as outlining the priority areas that the future CAP must address, it also proposes a more flexible approach to implementing the policy in order to guarantee more effective results. Therefore, allowing Member States greater responsibilities to choose how and where to invest their CAP funding.

The European Commission launched a consultation in February 2017 on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in order to better understand where the current policy could be simplified and modernised. The findings were published in July 2017. The consultation found that most respondents wanted to keep a strong common agricultural policy at European Union level but that it needed to be simpler and more flexible, and more focused on meeting the key challenges.

This Communication responds to the conclusions of that consultation.

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