Conference on the Future of Europe 2020-2022

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Reports, analyses and information on the so-called 'Conference on the Future of Europe', a concept which emerged with the presentation of the political guidelines of Ursula von der Leyen upon her appointment as President of the European Commission.

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Ursula von der Leyen proposed in her political guidelines for the mandate 2019-2024 - presented just before her formal appointment as President-elect of the European Commission in July 2019 - to set up a Conference on the Future of Europe, which would become an opportunity to hear citizens and hold discussions on the way forward for the European project, its institutions and core mission. This Conference would be launched in 2020 and last for two years.

In November 2019, media sources reported on a non-paper drafted by France and Germany on a common position relating to structuring and main issues at stake in this Conference.

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Conference on the Future of Europe: Franco-German non-paper on key questions and guidelines (via Politico)

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