Council Conclusions on Tackling the Gender Pay Gap: Valuation and Distribution of Paid Work and Unpaid Care Work

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Set of conclusions adopted by the Council of the European Union on 1 December 2020, concerning the need to tackle the gender pay gap.

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The Council calls on the European Commission and the Member States for greater efforts to reduce the gender pay gap and gender gaps in care, and to combat gender stereotypes. It also calls for a follow-up on the measures set out in the EU Action Plan on tacking gender pay gay for the period 2017-2019.

These conclusions highlight a two-pronged approach to achieve both equal pay and comprehensive equality on the labour market. They invite Member States to further develop or establish a framework for the sharing of paid work and unpaid care work between men and women on a equal basis. At the same time, Member States are invited to take steps to ensure that the value of care-related occupations is recognised.

The Council urges Member States and the Commission to design and implement measures to tackle gender stereotypes. It also calls on social partners to give due consideration to gender equality in the context of collective bargaining.

The conclusions based on a EIGE Report prepared in the framework of theĀ Beijing Platform for Action.

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