Czech lawmakers strip billionaire premier candidate of immunity

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The request for lifting immunity was put forward by the Police in August as they sought to charge Mr Babiš with fraud and harming the EU’s financial interests. A parallel investigation was also going to be conducted by the EU's Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).

Justice authorities alleged that in 2007, Mr Babiš deliberately excluded the Stork Nest farm south of Prague from his sprawling Agrofert holding company to make it eligible for a €2 million subsidy for small companies.

Before the parliamentary vote, Mr Babiš hinted at the real reasons behind this investigation, a month before a parliamentary election which was likely going to be won by the ANO party, which he founded in 2012. This party has also been one of the junior coalition members of the outgoing government.

The Czech Parliament voted on 6 September 2017 to strip Andrej Babiš of his parliamentary immunity after allegations of EU funding fraud emerged.

The vote was undertaken just over a month before a parliamentary election, which polls suggested was going to be won by his ANO party.

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