Czech presidential election, January 2023

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Information Guide focusing on the presidential election held in Czechia in January 2023.

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Incumbent Czech president Miloš Zeman assumed office in 2013 and won reelection in 2018, serving the two-term limit. Candidacies for the 2023 presidential election were discussed among party leaders as early as 2018.

In early January 2023 opinion polls predicted a close race between populist businessman and former prime minister Andrej Babiš, retired NATO general Petr Pavel, and economist and university professor Danuše Nerudová. Presidential campaigns were influenced by the wider geopolitical context. Key issues included the war in Ukraine, the economy, inflation and the global energy crisis, and LGBTQ+ rights.

On 13-14 January 2023 the first round of voting in the Czech presidential election was held.  Pavel, running as an independent, led after the first round with 35.39% of the vote. Babiš, the leader of ANO 2011, followed closely with 35.0% of the vote. After finishing third with 13.93% of the vote, Nerudová endorsed Pavel.

The second round of voting took place on 27-28 January 2023. Petr Pavel won the election after receiving 58.3% of the vote in the second round, while his opponent Andrej Babiš received 41.6%.

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