Deadly fire in Kemerovo shopping mall

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On 25 March 2018 a fire broke out in a shopping mall in Kemerovo, central Russia. At least 64 People died, mostly children, others were injured and some children have not been found yet.

The fire engulfed a children's trampoline room and a cinema on the fourth floor. The real cause of the fire is still unknown. However, the Investigative Committee head Alexander Bastrykin said that the automatic fire alarm system in the shopping mall hadn't worked since March 19; staff at the mall not only neglected to repair it, but also failed to turn the system on manually.

On 27 March Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the memorial to victims of the fire and held an unplanned meeting with an initiative group of citizens who expressed distrust of the investigation. He also promised that all those guilty of the tragedy would be punished.

On April 1st, the region's governor resigned.
On 25 March 2018 a deadly fire broke out in a shopping mall in Kemerovo.

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