Debate on ‘Islamic separatism’ and fight against radical Islam in France

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Reports and analyses concerning the revamped fight against radical Islam in France, following an increase of tension caused by the assassination of a French teacher.

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Samuel Paty - a teacher at a school in Paris - was beheaded on 16 October 2020, a few days after he displayed in class a copy of the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad that had provoked the attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine in 2015. The assassination sent shockwaves across the French society and increased tension around a longstanding debate about secularism (laïcité), freedom of expression and France's relations with its Muslim community.

In light of that attack, French President Emmanuel Macron announced a revamped fight against what he called Islamic separatism. Some immediate measures were taken - including a ban on a number of organisations and dozens of raids - but other more long-term initiatives were also announced to tackle extremism and prevent radical Islam from infiltrating in society. In reality, many of these initiative had already been announced by Mr Macron earlier in the month as part of an overall strategy to address such challenges. That strategy would seek to support work in providing guidance on how to reconcile being Muslim and French. It also aimed at curtailing the influence of foreign countries on France’s Muslim populations.

The rhetoric adopted by the French President affected the country's relations with the Muslim world, and not least with Turkey. A number of incidents took place near French embassies and several calls were raised in favour of a boycott on French products.

Amidst the tension caused by this debate, a second terrorist attack took place in Nice on 29 October.

Mr Macron later asked Muslim leaders in the country to agree a charter of republican values, which also includes the rejection of Islam as a political movement and a ban on foreign influence. On 9 December, the French government tabled a draft law aimed at addressing "radical Islamism".

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French Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Speech by President Emmanuel Macron on the fight against separatism - Fight against separatism – the Republic in action (2 October 2020)

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