Developments in French politics 4

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Publication Date 2008
ISBN 978-0-230-53699-9 (Hbk); 978-0-230-53700-2 (Pbk)
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This book provides a systematic assessment of French Politics under Chirac and of the new political era opened up by the election of Nicolas Sarkozy. It focuses on the breakdown of the traditional statist, integrationist and republican model and the capacity of the French Political system to reform itself to meet the needs of the 21st Century.

From Chirac to Sarkozy: A New France? - J.D.Levy (et al.)
The 2007 Elections and Beyond - B.Cautrès & A.Cole
Political Parties and the Party System - A.Knapp & F.Sawicki
Attitudes towards Europe in France - N.Sauger
Social Movements and Protest Politics - M.Ancelovici
Gender and Multiculturalism - E.Lepinard
The Return to a Strong Presidency - J.D.Levy & C.Skach
Parliament and Political Representation - B.François
Checks, Balances and the New Rules of the Political Game - Y.Surel
Reform of the State: the Top Civil Service in the Age of New Public Management - P.Bezès
Economic Policy - B.Clift
Between State and Market: Crisis and Transformation in French Industrial Relations - C.Howell
Welfare Policies and Politics - P.Hassenteufal
France and the World, from Chirac to Sarkozy - S.Meunier
France and the European Union under the Chirac Presidency - H.Kassim

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