Doing business with Russia, 2nd ed.

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 0-7494-2460-5
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This comprehensive book provides an introduction to the business opportunities and regulations of the Russian market. Consisting of 38 articles, the contributors include corporations, government agencies, chambers of commerce and individual specialists in topics related to Russian business. The book aims to be a practical introduction envisaging that further consultation with its contributors is necessary before embarking on business ventures in Russia.

The book is divided into six sections. The first entitled 'Getting Familiar with Russia-Background to the Market' provides an overview of the present political and economic environment in Russia. It includes sections on privatisation, monetary policy, the central bank, and foreign trade. The second part, 'The Foreign Investment Climate and the Financial Sector', analyses foreign investment with sections on the legal and regulatory environment, corporate governance, the banking system, Russia's equity market and venture capital. It includes a case study of the banking sector with an interview with Igor Souvorov, Chairman and Group Chief Executive of the Moscow Narodny Bank. Part 3, entitled 'Getting Established: the Taxation and Legal Environment', provides an overall introduction to legal and taxation issues relevant to business in Russia with sections including the property regime, arbitration and dispute resolution, and intellectual property and e-commerce. Part 4, 'Business Development: Operating an Enterprise in Russia', includes sections on customs operations, franchising, employment law, and security issues. It includes a case study of a Russian distribution company. Part 5 examines the market potential of various industries including oil and gas, coal mining, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, and construction and real estate. It includes a case study on the experiences of a company starting business in Russia. The final part provides an introduction to business opportunities in some of Russia's regions.

Marat Terterov has written several articles on post-Soviet politics and economics as well as undertaking a PhD examining privatisation in Egypt.

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