Drivers of Integration and Regionalism in Europe and Asia. Comparative perspectives

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Publication Date 2015
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This book examines the drivers of regionalism and integration in both Europe and Asia and seeks to forge comparative perspectives between the two regions.

Comprising contributions from scholars, analysts and policy-makers, this volume explores and debates how and why regional bodies such as the European Union (EU) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are formed and sustained. Furthermore, it examines the drivers of, and impediments to, regionalism and integration. The debates regarding what and who constitute drivers are presented in a fresh, thematic and comprehensive manner. Leadership and core states are also critically examined whilst material, ideational and normative factors are all assessed comparatively. Significantly, in light of the Global Financial Crisis, the book considers the role of crisis as a driver of regionalism and integration.

This book will be of interest to students, scholars and policy-makers interested in Asian and European politics and comparative politics.

Section 1: Drivers of Regionalism: The European and Asian Cases Compared
1 Introducing Drivers of Integration and Regionalism Europe and Asia - Louis Brennan and Philomena Murray
2 Drivers of regional integration: some comparative considerations - Philomena Murray
3 Drivers of regional integration: historical and comparative perspectives - Louise Fawcett
4 Historical Narrative as Normative Drivers of Integration and Dis-Integration in Europe and Asia - Hartmut Mayer
5 The Role of Institutions in Regional Integration: A Comparative Reflection - Edward Moxon-Browne

Section 2: The Role of Crisis as a Driver of Regional Integration
6 Crises as drivers of integration in Europe and Asia - Crisis as threat - Paul Gillespie
7 The role of crisis as a driver of regional integration: Crisis as Opportunity - Cillian Ryan

Section 3: Traditional and Non-Traditional Security as Drivers of Regional Integration
8 Drivers and Barriers to Regional Integration in Traditional Security fields: Europe and Asia-Pacific in Comparison and the Role of Great Powers - May-Britt Stumbaum
9 Food security as a Driver of Integration in Europe - Alan Matthews
10 Food security as a driver of regional integration in ASEAN - Sandra Silfvast
11 Climate Change as a Driver of Regional Integration in Europe - Diarmuid Torney

Section 4: Economic and Business Perspectives on Drivers of Regional Integration
12 International Business as a driver of Regional Integration in Asia - Louis Brennan
13 Trade and Investment Drivers: Qualifying the type of Economic Integration in a Historical Perspective - Bernadette Andreosso-O’Callaghan

Section 5: Rethinking Regionalism, Inter-Regionalism and Multilateralism
14 Creeping supranationalism: EU and ASEAN experiences - Reuben Wong
15 How do we assess cooperation between regional organisations? EU and ASEAN as an example of region-to-region cooperation - Cesare Onestini
16 The EU and ASEAN – Seeking a New Regional Paradigm - Yeo Lay Hwee and Margherita Matera
17 A New Momentum in EU-ASEAN Relations: drivers, risks, way forward - Shada Islam
18 Reflection on Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM): driving regionalism through interregional dialogue? - Hana Umezawa
19 Drivers of Asymmetrical Bilateralism/Interregionalism: The TPP and TTIP in Comparative Perspective - David Camroux and Chad Damro

Section 6: What Could Europe and Asia Learn From Each Other’s Experience?
20 The Exogenous Factor: Are Other Regions Drivers of Integration? - Laura Allison
21 ASEAN and the EU: an evolving and solid development partnership - Walter Kennes
22 East Meets West: Will the Rise of Asia lead to Europe's decline – Lessons to be learnt? - Michael Reiterer

Section 7: Conclusions
23 The comparative study of drivers of regionalism and integration in Asia and Europe – towards a new research agenda? - Philomena Murray and Louis Brennan.

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