EC Competition Law Handbook 2002-2003, 13th ed.

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Publication Date 2003
ISBN 0-421-82940-0
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EC Competition Law is a rapidly growing field, and this book acts as both a detailed reference and research resource. Its aim is to lay out its information, including reference charts, lists of cases, decisions, key directives, regulations and notices etc., in an accessible manner, for swift referencing but also to facilitate a greater understanding of a complex area. One of the major changes in the law this new edition deals with is the fact that different industrial sectors are increasingly adopting specific rules, making an already difficult field more intricate.

After a brief user guide, the book is broken down into three large 'books', each made up of several 'parts' and a different topic. Book one, on general competition rules, offers chronological lists of Commission decisions, judgements and references. Parts one to eleven of this section then deal with issues as diverse as the application of Articles 81- 82, horizontal agreements, vertical agreements, joint ventures, state intervention, procedure and remedies. Book two explores mergers and acquisitions, and book three looks at coal and steel.

The sections on coal and steel are new, as are those on free movement, intellectual property rights and financial services. A bibliography has also been added.

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