El Parlament de Catalunya: A model for regional assertiveness in the EU?

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Series Details Vol.8, No.3, Winter 2003, p33-64
Publication Date December 2003
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Without the guarantees of a de jure federal system or clearly defined jurisdiction in external affairs, how can a regional legislature play a meaningful role in the European Union policy process? Such is the dilemma faced by constitutional regions and devolved parliaments in multiple EU Member States, particularly Spain, Italy, France and the UK. Motivated by the observation that regional legislators in such countries increasingly profess to emulate the putative successes of the 'Catalan model', this article compares the observations and preferences of regional legislators in Catalonia and Scotland - with an eye to understanding why El Parlament de Catalunya lays claim to greater influence in EU decision-making and policy implementation processes. While not easily exportable to other similarly situated regions, the Catalan model reveals the significance not just of wresting competences from the centre, but also of professionalism, collective legislative competence and commitment to supranationalism.

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