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The European Commission published on 8 February 2024 the results of a Special Eurobarometer measuring public opinion about the European Union's civil protection actions in the Member States. Results show a strong consensus among EU citizens that civil protection activities should be coordinated across the EU.

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An overwhelming majority of respondents (94%) in the 27 EU Member States thinks that when a disaster strikes in an EU country that is too big to deal with on their own, other EU countries should provide help. Nearly the same number (91%) are supportive of the EU helping any country in the world affected by a disaster.

The survey results show clear support for the EU's role in crisis management, with nine in ten respondents stating that it is important that the EU helps coordinate the response to disasters in the EU and other countries. According to the survey, also nine in ten Europeans agree that coordinated EU action should be increased to deal more effectively with disasters and crises in the future. The proportion of EU citizens who want a stronger role has increased by 6 percentage points since 2020, from 84% to 90%.

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