EU Drug Markets Report 2016

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Publication Date March 2016
ISBN 978-92-9168-843-2
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The 2016 EU Drug Markets Report published in April 2016 provides an insight into the operation of illicit drug markets in the EU. The report assesses the impact of the drug market on society and the factors driving it. It explores the market for cannabis, heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, MDMA and new psychoactive substances. Understanding these hidden markets, and the actors involved, is essential to making sound policy decisions with lasting impact. The report combines the analytical power of the EMCDDA’s drug monitoring system with Europol’s operational intelligence on trends in organised crime.

Two separate publications cover the topic at different levels. The Strategic Overview is a 30-page summary offering easy access to the key findings of the main report. The In-depth Analysis is a comprehensive 188-page report, analysing what is known about the European drug market today.

There are also a number of background papers published alongside the main report.

The report estimated that Europeans spend at least €24bn on illicit drugs each year, making it one of the main profit-generating activities for organised criminals in Europe. The report provides a state-of-the-art analysis of the EU illicit drug market, covering the trends along the supply chain from production and trafficking to marketing, distribution and consumption. It also analyses the considerable costs of these markets for society including their impact on businesses, government institutions, neighbourhoods, families, individuals and the environment.

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