EU food law and policy

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Publication Date 2004
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The creation of the European Food Safety Authority in February 2002 clearly established food law as an autonomous branch of EU law. The EFSA has particular responsibilities for both risk assessment and communication of food safety issues, and the Regulation under which it was established will underpin all future food and feed legislation.

This book presents an in depth analysis of this body of law and the policy it seeks to uphold. The work is organised over twenty chapters plus annexes. The initial chapters address the historical and social context from which the law is emerging, and the aims and policies of the European Commission set out in the White Paper on Food Safety issued in January 2000. Subsequent chapters investigate various aspects of food law and consider how the goals have shifted. Areas such as food labelling, additives, food supplements and fortification, the authorisation and labelling of GMOs and food contact materials are among the underlying debates discussed by the authors who go on to establish some signposts on the way ahead for the reform and future operation of the EFSA.

The work will interest food business operators, legal practitioners, policy makers, scholars and students engaged in the European food industry.

Debra Holland is a barrister specialising in EU food law and policy. Helen Pope is a solicitor advising and respresenting clients on matters of EU law and policy specialising in food and consumer issues.

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